How to use C as a scripting language?

Roberto De Ioris roberto at
Sat Dec 3 14:04:24 UTC 2011

> On Saturday 03 December 2011 16:44:56 etrader wrote:
>> Thanks James!
>> The idea of building a mini-webserver for C programming is brilliant. I
>> searched a lot to find a guidance for building very basic web server in
>> C (obviously I prefer to write the web server in C with native API for C
>> files); but I was unable to find. All web servers in C are advanced
>> applications such as nginx. Could you please give me a hint how to start
>> to write a mini web server in C.
> Instead of building a web server, you can consider to write a fastcgi
> or scgi application.
> wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev

Another solution would be writing uWSGI plugins:

You will end with items passed by nginx to your app easy accessible and
you will not need to learn how to program a server/daemon
and focus on your app.

In addition to this your app will be accessibile via uwsgi/http/fastcgi
and can use the whole uwsgi api and operational modes

The doc on writing plugins is not available, but you can subscribe to the
uWSGI list and ask for help (or read the sources of the other plugins).

Roberto De Ioris

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