fastcgi_cache_key with cookie

zenw nginx-forum at
Tue Dec 27 06:53:28 UTC 2011

Thx for replying, but I have already tried this config from

With this config it will not cache the page correct?  What I'm trying to
do is set every page to be cached whether logged in or not, or more
specifically to maintain a separate cache for each user.  But I need to
differentiate the cache key based on the session cookie.

I need to optimize for authenticated performance, our website has 90%
logged in users, our non authenticated speed for nginx is more than
sufficient now.  On my crappy laptop I can get 4000+ req/s for non
authenticated pages, for authenticated pages I get 2 req/sec without any
caching at all.  With fastcgi caching I can get 3000+ req/sec, but this
is without google analytics, as soon as I enable it my speed plunges
down to 2req/sec :(

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