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Sat Jan 1 07:29:47 MSK 2011

On 31 Dez 2010 16h13 WET, nginx-forum at wrote:

> Hi
> Can nginX have configuration like apache user's public_html ?
> I have system where I wanna implement multiple user directory where
> each user can build his own site using Drupal and Wordpress... each
> with it's own clean url
> maybe the result will look like this url:
> (/home/user_drupal/public_html)
> (/home/user_wordpress/public_html)

Assuming that you trust your users enough to let them run PHP code
here's a tip from the Wiki:

I suggest a simpler regex (without ? in usernames and the slash out of
the 1st group). 

location ~ ^/~(?<username>.+)/(?<userpath>.*)$ {
   alias /home/$username/public_html/$userpath;

with named capture groups or just:

location ~ ^/~(.+)/(.*)$ {
   alias /home/$1/public_html/$2;

with numeric groups.

Note that with drupal you can have multisite installs. Therefore if
you add an A record to your zone file like, e.g., and make the URI a 301
redirect you can run your own core and basic modules and let your
users create a theme and add modules as they see fit. Anyway it's your
machine, so you make the rules.

Happy New Year,
--- appa

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