is it useless for function ngx_event_pipe_free_shadow_raw_buf

lihongfu nginx-forum at
Sun Jan 2 17:03:07 MSK 2011

The function is in file ngx_event_pipe.c,it is not too long,but i am
confused by it.
when i debug it,it always says buf->shadow is NULL,and then i
think it is useless.At the same time,i am confused how can  cl->buf
equal s.Thanks for your  explanations.The follow is the code.

static ngx_inline void
ngx_event_pipe_free_shadow_raw_buf(ngx_chain_t **free, ngx_buf_t *buf)
    ngx_buf_t    *s;
    ngx_chain_t  *cl, **ll;

    if (buf->shadow == NULL) {

    for (s = buf->shadow; !s->last_shadow; s = s->shadow) { /* void */

    ll = free;

    for (cl = *free; cl; cl = cl->next) {
        if (cl->buf == s) {
            *ll = cl->next;

        if (cl->buf->shadow) {

        ll = &cl->next;

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