ssl_dhparam and recommended-private-length

timo2 nginx-forum at
Mon Jan 3 15:05:13 MSK 2011

Well, it seems that openssl can handle it by itself if the recommended
exponent length is in the pem file. Nginx uses openssl routines to
decode PEM file in ngx_ssl_dhparam routine. So the recommended exponent
length should be taken into account. Can anyone more experienced confirm

However, the default values (hardcoded in nginx source) are 1024 bit
long safe prime p and generator g=2. NIST recommends to use at least
2048 bits long primes  with at least 224-bit prime order subgroup
starting from 1 January 2011 :) Does using any 2048 group from RFC 5114
as a default one make more sense?

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