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Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Tue Jan 4 01:46:38 MSK 2011


On Mon, Jan 03, 2011 at 07:00:12AM -0500, cjaredrun wrote:

> Not sure if this is possible, but I am wanting to make subdomains be
> redirected to specific folders dynamically via the nginx.conf file.  so
> my DNS would point * to the server. and depending on what the
> person typed in for the subdomain, for example it
> would point them to ~/public_html/folder1 for the site files. 
> >> site files in ~/public_html/folder2.   
> So if the folder exists, it goes there otherwise, goes 404. 
> Is this possible to pull off dynamically? 
> Thanks for thoughts on this.

Something like this should work:

server {
    server_name ~^(?<domain>)\.example\.com$;
    root /path/to/public_html/$domain;

Maxim Dounin

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