Make ssl_certificate optional?

rainer at rainer at
Wed Jan 5 12:48:33 MSK 2011

> Is there any possibility of allowing the use of SSL without the
> ssl_certificate option in nginx?

Your crazy.

> Before you say I'm crazy,

Never mind...

> hear me out. I want to operate servers where
> security is not required (the same content is served over HTTP) but it
> would be nice to offer some encryption for people who desire it. I also
> very strongly do not want to bother with certificates, especially as
> those certificates would be self-signed and consequently offer *zero*
> extra security assurance over anonymous DH mode.

The question you should ask: is any client other than openssl actually
capable of connecting successfully to such a server?

IIRC, Firefox disabled all the "insecure" SSL-ciphers some time ago anyway...


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