sendfile EAGAIN support broken?

steveh nginx-forum at
Thu Jan 6 04:01:32 MSK 2011

Sorry for the slow response, I expected to be auto subscribed to my own
thread but wasnt.

Anyway to answer some of the questions:-
proxy_read_timeout 120 is whats triggering the timeout

The OS is FreeBSD running 8-stable from just before Christmas so a
recent 8.2-PRERELEASE, which should have any needed OS fixes in. FS is
ZFS and while it does have some performance penalties (dual buffers and
not zero copy) for sendfile it otherwise works fine for streaming at
least so I don't think that's the source atm.

Going through the code I couldn't figure our how any retry would be
triggered / attempted. Quite happy to throw some debugging to try and
identify the problem if someone can point me in the right direction.

Don't think its possible to remove passenger out the equation as that's
the only way I've been able to trigger this thus far.

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