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Ilan Berkner iberkner at
Sat Jan 8 04:36:33 MSK 2011

At this time we're delivering static content, in particular, audio files ~5K
in size directly through our server, for a number of reasons, we're looking
at moving delivery of these files to a remote storage / CDN facility.

Question re. URL requests for these files.  Currently, these file are served
through a request like this:
 If we switched to a remote storage / CDN solution, the URL of course would
change to something else.  There are 2 options ( I think ):

1. Modify the application code to make the the call directly to the new URL.

2. Instruct Nginx through a location clause to redirect such traffic to
another URL, for example:

location /sounds/*.mp3 {
  rewrite$1 ...

Is there a preferred way or does it matter?  I guess the first option would
probably be preferred as it further reduces the work load done by the
server, even as simple as parsing the URL...  Any thoughts / suggestions
would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone have a recommendation / experience with any particular
remote storage / CDN such as Rackspace CloudFile, Amazon S3, Limelight,
CacheFly, etc?

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