CDN questions...

Ryan Malayter malayter at
Sun Jan 9 08:36:20 MSK 2011

On Saturday, January 8, 2011, Ilan Berkner <iberkner at> wrote:
> Thanks, why wouldn't you do a location rewrite?
> What's the advantage of using the sub / subs module?

With sub module, you can change the URL of the audio file to point to
the CDN inside the HTML as it is delivered. This avoids the extra
round-trip of a redirect as discussed previously.

The net effect is the same as changing the urls in your site, but it
is a simple nginx config so it is easy to tweak. You can also use
variables, so A/B testing or a pilot rollout to say 10% of visitors
could be done as well using if or map directives to set the
substitution variable.



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