nginx as a reverse proxy, forwarding to a squid proxy server

robertelee nginx-forum at
Mon Jan 10 21:09:10 MSK 2011

Greetings all,

Was wondering if it is possible to configure nginx as a reverse proxy
that forwards to a squid proxy server.

Currently I am using Squid as a forward proxy to another internal Squid
proxy server:
cache_peer internal_squid_proxy parent 8000 0 no-query
cache_peer_access internal_system allow internal_squid_proxy https

I've looked at the reverse proxy SSL write up here:

That looks pretty close to what I want to do, except instead of
reversing directly to a web server, I need to reverse to a forward

Ie, something like:
location / {
	        proxy_pass  http://internal_squid_proxy;

Is there a cache_peer equivalent (instead of proxy_pass) for nginx?

Thank you,


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