Keys_zone was Re: nginx-0.8.53 segfault

Akins, Brian Brian.Akins at
Fri Jan 14 04:55:53 MSK 2011

On 1/13/11 4:41 PM, "Maxim Dounin" <mdounin at> wrote:

>         proxy_cache_path  /var/spool/nginx  levels=1:2   keys_zone=one:1000m;
>         proxy_cache_path /var/spool/nginx-preview levels=1:2
> keys_zone=image-preview:1000m;
> in your config.  1000M for cache keys is a bit too many, it has
> space for 16mln keys (64 bytes per key on 32bit platforms).

Okay, this is a lingering question that is fuzzy in the docs.  Is this size
in the key zone the size of the share memory lock for the keys or the size
of the cache on disk?  I looked through the code for file_cache, but there
are several lengths added and subtracted.


Brian Akins

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