Invalid parsed value for keys_zone. Is this a problem?

Eugaia ngx.eugaia at
Tue Jan 18 17:29:16 MSK 2011


On 18/01/2011 16:20, Igor Sysoev wrote:
> 10485760000 is 0x271000000 in hex. On 32-bit platform it's truncated to
> 0x71000000, i.e., 1895825408. Yes, it should be checked.
Also, would it not be better to use off64_t or some other larger type 
for storing the max_size of the cache (or indeed for parsing off's in 
general)?  I'm not sure about all Posix systems, but on Debian off_t is 
long int, hence a 32-bit value on 32-bit systems.  I've not checked in 
the code, but I'm assuming that the max size of a file cache on 32-bit 
systems may then be 2GB.


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