trying to use and understand satisfy any

Ilan Berkner iberkner at
Thu Jan 20 02:11:30 MSK 2011


Trying to do something like this:

 location /
   satisfy any;
   deny all;
   auth_basic "closed site";
   auth_basic_user_file conf/userFile;
   index index.php;
   error_page 404 = @processphp;
   error_page 403 = @redirect_to_other_www;

If I do not include the "auth_basic" elements and I'm accessing the site
from an allowed IP address, I get redirected to another www site per the
@redirect_to_other_www block.  If use the "auth_basic" elements but click on
"Cancel" to make the browser's authentication box close, I stay on the site
until I click on a link on the site at which time I'm redirected.

Is there a way to no preload the site so that if the user cancels the
authentication request, they don't even see anything?

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