Infinite loop after compiled with debug mode in nginx-0.8.54?

WilliamOMS nginx-forum at
Fri Jan 21 18:19:56 MSK 2011


I compiled nginx-0.8.54 with debug mode, also with ssl and secure
download modules. As long as I started a file download, download is
finished, but in the error.log, there seems to be an infinite loop to
repeat following debug output forever. The size of error.log increases
dramatically. In less than an hour, log increased to almost 9GB without
much download activities. 

[debug] 4854#0: timer delta: 0
[debug] 4854#0: posted events 00000000
[debug] 4854#0: worker cycle
[debug] 4854#0: devpoll timer: -1
[debug] 4854#0: devpoll: fd:10, ev:0005, rev:0004
[debug] 4854#0: *1 http run request: "/path/to/downloadfile"
[debug] 4854#0: *1 http request empty handler

Anyone has ran into similar issues? Any help is much appreciated.


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