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Tue Jan 25 11:34:21 MSK 2011

I have already read this recommendation in another topic. But
headers_more_module can modify header_in.headers and I wanted to do it
as well. I will just modify headers_out and I will provide the cookie as
a variable and use proxy_set_header. So I will avoid SIGSEGV.
One more question about reading value of a variable in my module. I have
output  as variable $ap_filter_gsid from my module and I need to get the
value in another handler module. 

Code in my module seems like:

{ ngx_string("ap_filter_sessionid"),
offsetof(ngx_http_ap_filter_loc_conf_t, sessionid),

There is string "$ap_filter_gsid" in the variable sessionid in
ngx_http_ap_filter_loc_conf_t struct and not the read value of the
variable. I need the same for reading $arg_u from query string. I went
through some module codes and I found out that I should write my
function instead of ngx_conf_set_str_slot directive. I tried to write
it, but it has never worked. What should be in this function.

Thanks for your advice,

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