keep-alive connection cause download hangs in Nginx after 0.7.67

Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Thu Jan 27 20:28:05 MSK 2011


On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 10:48:40AM -0500, WilliamOMS wrote:

> I am running into this download hanging issue. We are using nginx as a
> download server with SSL and secure download module enabled. When using
> nginx-0.7.67, it works well. But when we try to upgrade to nginx-0.8.54,
> there is a download hanging issue. We figured out it is related to
> keep-alive header or reusing TCP connection. When we download a small
> file and it finished, then in a few seconds, in same browser, if trying
> to download again, the download hangs. Nginx doesn't print out any log
> message. If we turn off keep-alive in either browser or nginx server in
> 0.8.54 by setting keepalive_timeout 0;, then it works well.
> Our environment is: Solaris 10, nginx 0.7.67/0.8.54, secure download
> module, SSL.
> The other difference between 0.7.67 and 0.8.54 is in the error.log
> message. In 0.7.67, when download finished, it always print out message
> as below:
>      2011/01/27 15:27:31 [info] 12616#0: *1 client
> closed keepalive connection
> But in 0.8.54, it never prints out this message. We have same config
> file for both 0.7.67 and 0.8.54.
> I think setting keepalive_timeout to 0 is just a workaround and it may
> have performance impact. Trying to find out if there is better solution
> for this. 
> Thanks for any suggestions.

Are you able to reproduce the problem without 3rd party modules?

If yes - please provide more information (nginx -V output, config, 
debug log), see for details.

Maxim Dounin

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