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Tue Jul 5 10:48:57 MSD 2011

Thank you.

I added the following directives in my config file
fastcgi_ignore_headers Expires Cache-Control;
fastcgi_pass_header Set-Cookie;

- and the caching is working now but I still have few questions:

1. "Note though that it's not generally safe as it may cause private
pages (and/or cookies) to be cached and returned to other clients.
Handle with care."
- so should I use the caching in my case if it's working only with the
'ignore' option only. Could you tell me when this may happen ("private
pages and/or cookies to be cached"), could you provide some examples

2. Content of my website is not changing often what is the recommended
validation time - hours, days?

3. I have contact form where little message pop after the message is
submitted. With cache enabled this window appears on a different menu
tab. How to avoid this, should I exclude contact page from caching or is
there a better way to do it?

4. When I run Apache benchmark (ab -c 100 -n 5 the
website is not cached unless I visit it through web browser then AB also
use cache. Is there any explanation fort this behaviour?

Sorry for so many questions but I try to understand this better.

Thank you for your help once again


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