[ANN] ngx_headers_more v0.15: bug fixes in the last 6 months

agentzh agentzh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 08:16:50 MSD 2011

Hi, all!

I'm happy to announce the v0.15 release of our ngx_headers_more module
which features the bug fixes accumulated in the last 6 months.

You can download the tarball from the download page below:


Here's the complete change log for this version:

  * now more_set_headers supports overriding charset in Content-Type.
thanks ML for reporting it.

  * fixed an issue in more_clear_headers: we should remove all the
instances of the headers specified, not only the first occurrence.
thanks Li Yang for reporting it.

  * back-ported a bugfix from ngx_lua: in output header set, we should
always set the header->hash to 1. thanks moodydeath for reporting it.

  * fixed a bug when clearing the Accept-Ranges header. thanks Bo Blangstrup.

The ngx_headers_more module allows you to add, set, or clear any
output or input header that you specify. This is an enhanced version
of the standard headers module because it provides more utilities like
resetting or clearing "builtin headers" like Content-Type,
Content-Length, and Server.

You can always get the latest source code from its project page on GitHub:


and the full documentation from the nginx wiki:


This module is included and enabled by default in our ngx_openresty
bundle: http://openresty.org

This is one of the most popular modules created by our team :)


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