problem compiling nginx from svn source with http_push_module on windows

t0meck nginx-forum at
Sat Jul 9 23:34:43 MSD 2011

Hello everyone,

I'm new to using SVN and what I want to achieve is:
custom compiled nginx web server with http push module on windows using
either mingw, cygwin or Visual Studio compilers.

The problem lies in 2 things:
1) after I checked out the svn, it downloaded almost 2 gigabytes of data
and I don't know how to compile it since in trunk directory there are no
configure scripts i could run
2) after downloading linux version of nginx from and unpacking
it, i tried to configure it but i get error on "checking int size" but
if i run the configuration script with parameters the windows version of
nginx from site was compiled with, configuration script finishes without
problem but then i cannot "make" the source "no rule to make target

In this thread,192475,192511 the
author of nginx mentions, that there are sources for window on svn so
i've started to going that way but like i've said i don't know how to
configure it since there are no configuration scripts there.

Please help me. I'm struggling with this for some time now and I don't
know what else I could do.

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