Query regarding Nginx working with FastCGI

Rishab Jain rishab.jain at sourcefuse.com
Mon Jul 11 13:21:51 MSD 2011

Hi guys,

I'm facing an issue and was wondering if anybody could help me with this.

I have an Ubuntu server, and I have installed all the softwares required 
using apt-get. Now, I have installed Nginx using the same mechanism as 
well. I want to use the Nginx for serving php scripts from the browser 
too. So therefore, after going through the web, I learn't that we need 
FastCGI to be installed.

Now, as soon as the installation was complete, I restarted Nginx server 
and tried accessing the php file. Instead of executing the script, it 
was actually showing me  the php code on the browser. It wasn't untill I 
executed the following command:
  /usr/bin/spawn-fcgi -a -p 9090 -u www-data -g www-data -f 
/usr/bin/php5-cgi -P /var/run/fastcgi-php.pid

As soon as I executed this command, and, restarted Nginx again, I was 
able to execute the PHP script.

Now, my issue is since fastcgi is being binded by a port, it means that 
there's a kind of a daemon running. So, going forward, if I make this 
server live, and, by any chance the fastcgi daemon crashes, the ubuntu 
will start throwing up my php code to the users (which is obviously 
never desired).

I actually want to know a way we can prevent the php code from getting 
displayed to the user, irrespective of whether the fastcgi is running or 


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