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Tue Jul 12 01:06:23 MSD 2011

Today I read through the code of the

Although my understanding of nginx internals is limited, I did C programming
back in my youth. From my understanding of the code there is very little
modification needed in order to add HTTP (backend HTTP/1.1) keep alive.

As I see it to complete this the protocol has to be updated to the version
of 1.1 and the "Connection: keep-alive" header needs to be added to
responses, this would add very basic keep alive support to nginx I would
beleive (please do correct me if I am wrong)

To make the modifications howeaver it would be necessary to edit the nginx
source (or make a new http backend plugin, which could be mostly copy and
paste) -- I would be more specific on this matter but is down
currently and im not able to get the latest version of the source to look

Would it be possible for someone with a knowledge of nginx internals to take
a look at this and tell me if I am going about this the correct way? I am
going to fiddle a bit and see if I can produce a plugin once comes
back up.
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