accept() failed (53: Software caused connection abort)

Adam PAPAI wooh at
Wed Jul 13 15:41:59 MSD 2011

Maxim Dounin wrote:
> Hello!

> Client closed connection before nginx was able to accept() it.
> This may be normal (i.e. user just closed a browser page while images
> was still loading) and may be not (i.e. nginx wasn't able to
> accept() for a long time due to some problems and client bored
> waiting and closed a page).
> Some number of such messages are expected to appear.  High number
> of such errors may indicate problems, try looking at listen queues
> at first (netstat -Lan).

Dear Maxim,

When the netstat -Lan shows over:

tcp4  190/0/128
tcp4  195/0/128
tcp4  181/0/128

It starts to throw the writev() failed (54: Connection reset by peer) 
while sending request  errors.

What should I increase? Any ideas? What is the real meaning of the 
maxqlen? If it the qlen is greater than maxqlen it means...?

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