accept() failed (53: Software caused connection abort)

Adam PAPAI wooh at
Wed Jul 13 18:10:52 MSD 2011

Maxim Dounin wrote:
> Hello!

> Maxqlen is maximum listen socket queue length (the queue of
> connections completed handshake but not yet accept()'ed by
> application), and FreeBSD will reset new connections if it's
> exhausted (or will just drop them if you have
> net.inet.tcp.syncache.rst_on_sock_fail=0).
> If you see qlen greater than maxqlen it means that your app can't
> cope with load.  If this happens for a fraction of a second due to
> connection bursts - this may be ok and you just need to increase
> queue length to compensate bursts.

The question is now: how to increase the queue length under FreeBSD. I 
cannot find the config value in sysctl.

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