Nested error_page request

Joel Eidsath joel at
Thu Jul 14 22:33:26 MSD 2011


I'm trying to figure a way around a nested error_page request (which
doesn't seem to work). The problem is that I've got a memcached setup
that looks like this:

server {

        error_page   500 502    /site_media/flat/500.html;
        proxy_intercept_errors on;


        location / {
                set $memcached_key "$uri";
                memcached_pass <IP>:<PORT>;
                error_page 404 502 = @cache_miss;

        location @cache_miss       { proxy_pass http://backend; }

The cache_miss error_page directive seems to disable my ability to set
a second error_page for 500 errors that then come from the backend. Is
there a way that I can make this work, either by modifying my
memcached setup or my error_page setup?


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