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Tue Jul 19 06:06:19 UTC 2011

Wow! This is really a great news.

This move will definitely bring more users in our community since many times
not-so-techie users prefer to go with commercially supported software.

I hope your Nginx venture will provide commercial support & services. You
can also partner with some hosting companies for extra revenue.

We started a dedicated portal ( ) for wordpress-nginx
related consultancy & services and so far it received good response without
any marketing activity.

The point is - your venture is something people are awaiting out there!

Wish you & your team plenty of time... :-)

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On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 7:44 PM, Igor Sysoev <igor at> wrote:

> I have got news for you about nginx.
> Recently it became very clear for me that because of increasing popularity
> of nginx and the volume of work required to develop the code and doing
> support, I really need to put it at another level.
> So, I have decided to focus even more on nginx and established nginx
> as a company to fully dedicate myself to the project. I am not alone,
> there are a few nice people working for me on this. I am focusing on
> the development part, and to some extent on the company operations as well.
> Our primary goals are improving support and communication for our users,
> streamlining the development process, revamping the documentation,
> integrating and speeding up pending bugfixes and patches, introducing
> long-requested functionality and more.
> It should be noted that nginx will remain free, open-source software
> under 2-clause BSD license. There will be no shortage of new and
> long-awaited features too.
> Thank you very much for your ongoing support through all these years.
> Without your awareness, feedback and support nginx would not become
> that successful. I am really looking forward to see more people who
> found nginx useful. I am also very glad we now have a proper way
> of doing a lot more for you.
> Thanks!
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> Igor Sysoev
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