Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Tue Jul 19 06:12:29 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

i am pleased to announce the second maintenance release for uWSGI 0.9.8

This release focuses on a better Spooler, binary file embedding in server core and support for
plugins/apps written in C++

* [20110719]

- fixed an ini and yaml parsing bug spotted by Raffaele Colace
- spooler has been extremely improved

the 'at' and 'body' options have been added to allows executing task at specific time
and to attach big data (>64K) to a task.

The spooler can now execute signal handlers.

- new option --chown-socket

you can set specific owner for unix signals (if started as root) with --chown-socket user:group

- added uwsgidecorators for elegant uwsgi api access from python

abuse them:


- the rack/rails plugin is now stable


- support for embedding config and generic files in the server binary


- high-performance cache-server

you can spawn a dedicated threaded server for networked cache access with --cache-server <address>

- accept() is now locked on all threads in the same workers
- preliminary implementation of hooks in emperor


- support for C++ in server core


- tcp port auto-bind

use the form address:0 to let uWSGI bind on a random port

- implemented workers, workerN and spooler signal target
- prefork/multithread uwsgi.signal_wait() implementation
- export uwsgi.node in WSGI vars
- new option --import (python plugin)
- support for unlimited number of Linux cgroups

(thanks Giacomo Bagnoli)

- broodlord mode

this is a first attempt of auto-scaling


You can download uWSGI from 



pip install uwsgi

Roberto De Ioris

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