Can't make a simple configuration...

Yaşar Arabacı yasar11732 at
Tue Jul 19 21:50:31 UTC 2011


This will be an absolute beginner question. Sorry about that. What I want to
do is, I want to serve all files under http://localhost/static from

My configuration regarding that part:

location ~ /static/* {
root /home/yasar/public_html/;

I have put index files just to test it in ~/public_html/static adming folder
under static folder and css folder under admin folder and I can see all of
index.html files. But when I try to get an css file there, I get this error
(from error log):

2011/07/20 00:42:27 [error] 7749#0: *1 open()
"/etc/nginx/html/static/admin/css/ie.css" failed (2: No such file or
directory), client:, server: localhost, request: "GET
/static/admin/css/ie.css HTTP/1.1", host: "localhost"

appereantly, my root directive doesn't work some reason. Any help would be

Yaşar Arabacı.
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