Failover issues with sticky

Hrishikesh Barua talonx at
Thu Jul 21 09:11:57 UTC 2011


I'm using nginx solely as a load balancer, with nginx-sticky ( as a way to maintain sticky

There are 2 upstream servers configured - and I have to occasionally mark
one of them as down. When I do this, failover from clients that have a
sticky session cookie does not seem to happen to the other upstream server
(which is up).

Here are the steps in detail -
1. nginx with 2 upstream servers in the backend s1, s2
2. Client connects, nginx routes to s1
3. s1 marked as down in config, nginx config is reloaded
4. Requests from the same client continue going to s1, instead of s2

My understanding is that nginx should automatically route traffic to the
second server. Anything I am missing here?

- Hrish
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