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David Yu david.yu.ftw at
Thu Jul 21 14:18:06 UTC 2011


I wanted to ask if the same regex used in multiple conditions is the same
cached-compiled version?
Eg I need to validate the all the (sub)request params before sending it

location /foo {

if ($time !~ /(\d\d):(\d\d):(\d\d)/) { return 400; }
if ($arg_time !~ /(\d\d):(\d\d):(\d\d)/) { return 400; }


#note that in the real app, I'll have lots of repeated regex for email,
phone, used in every if directive

location /bar {

if ($arg_time !~ /(\d\d):(\d\d):(\d\d)/) { return 400; }
set_form_input $form_time time_finished;
if ($form_time !~ /(\d\d):(\d\d):(\d\d)/) { return 400; }


What I'm trying to do is send the params to redis with its lua scripting
engine handling the *pre-validated* request.
Redis is single-process while nginx can have multiple workers ... so its
only fitting to let nginx do validation for redis :-)


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- David Yu
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