Debian Squeez - install Phusion Passenger AFTER nginx-full

Kartik Mistry kartik.mistry at
Sat Jul 23 04:17:56 UTC 2011

> From: Nuno Magalh?es <nunomagalhaes at>
> Don't use passenger, but use Debian stable and Sid. Current versions
> of nginx(-full) in the repos are:
> - squeeze (stable): 0.7.67-3
> - wheezy (testing): 1.0.4-1
> - sid (unstable): 1.0.5-1

Squeeze stable backport: 1.0.4-1

> However, with 1.0 in the Debian repos came -full and -light, which
> largely depends on what the packagers deem as useful modules. So, i
> stick to compiling from source and installing with checkinstall and
> apt-pinning (or other means) to keep it under the package manager.

Well, we can't add all modules, but only which are requested by user.
There are also complain that third party modules some time breaks
default nginx installation.

If you need more modules, compile it with Debian package as someone
already suggested in thread. Or file a wishlist bug against nginx
Debian package. I'll be happy to include it in nginx-extras package.

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Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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