not proxy php requests

Yaşar Arabacı yasar11732 at
Sat Jul 23 04:59:10 UTC 2011

What do you mean by getting php request by hackers? Do you get requests for
files with php extension. If so, a simple location directive should have
solve this.

location ~ \.php {
return 404;

2011/7/23 mike chen <lists at>

> Hi,
> I have been searching for a solution for below problem but no luck,
> would greatly appreciate if someone shed some lights on it.
> Basically I run a tomcat java app behind the nginx but keep getting php
> requests from hackers, my log is flooded with php requets.  Right now,
> the php request would also get proxied to the tomcat, my question is if
> there is any ways to stop that? just having nginx return 444 or
> something.  How does everyone handles it?
> Thanks
> Mike Chen
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