Re: German Umlauts (äöü) in Url dont work

Hendrik Schumacher hs at
Mon Jul 25 21:14:01 UTC 2011

German umlauts are not allowed in domains. If you use an umlaut-domain it
is encoded as an IDN-domain (see here:
so dömäin.example becomes xn--dmin-moa0i.example. The umlaut is converted
by the browser that sends the IDN-name to nginx.


Am Mo, 25.07.2011, 23:03 schrieb akunin:
> Hello,
> I am using nginx 1.0.5 on debian squeeze. A domain with an german umlaut
> 'ä' wont work. Can someone give me a little help how to solve this
> problem?
> Tanks
> Akunin
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