Sync Multiple nginx Configs

Piotr Karbowski jabberuser at
Sat Jul 30 09:38:16 UTC 2011

On 07/29/2011 09:15 PM, John Macleod wrote:
> This is more of a best practice question.  We need to reliably sync our nginx config between multiple front end servers.  Just curious what other do in this regard.
> Rsync does what it says on the tin but would prefer something a little more real-time.  Would also prefer to avoid creating a failure point with NFS.
> Suggestions welcome!

Hi John.

If you want something real-time, maybe check 'lsyncd'. Also there is 
'unison', after you change your config, sync it with all boxes. Highly 
depends on use case and what you exact want to do.

-- Piotr.

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