Does Nginx block on file IO?

jjjx128 nginx-forum at
Mon May 2 15:17:08 MSD 2011

Piotr Sikora Wrote:
> It's actually very related, because with
> event-driven programming, you're 
> blocking _all_ worker's clients on the single disk
> I/O.

I know, but imagine how much memory you can save and use for file system
cache if you are not running apache. Which can make fat more greater
impact on your performance. You can't just say that nginx is the same as
apache just because it's blocking on file I/O. 
So still, it depends on the type of load you are having. And if you are
not serving 100 megabytes of data to 500 clients but a lot more you are
most likely to get better results with asynchronous server even with
blocking file I/O.

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