IPv6 Issues / Question

Igor Sysoev igor at sysoev.ru
Fri May 13 23:13:45 MSD 2011

On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 02:54:06PM -0400, holstebm wrote:
> Last night I had my provider (Linode) add IPv6 support for my server.  I
> also had them assign me an IPv6 pool to use.
> I have Nginx 1.0.2 compiled with IPv6 support, restarted my Nginx and
> everything was fine all night and most of the morning.  However, within
> minutes of me adding AAAA records to my domains, Nginx stopped and
> running and took the IPv4 networking down with it.  I hadn't even
> restarted Nginx after adding the records.
> Upon reboot with Nginx disabled, everything runs fine.  I start Nginx
> and make a single IPv4 page request, the network is completely gone
> again  on all ports.

What do you mean by "took the IPv4 networking down" ? Does it mean
that any (inlcuding ssh, etc) IPv4 traffic goes down, or only HTTP or what ?

Igor Sysoev

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