searching example config for my setup

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Thu May 19 00:28:16 MSD 2011

I am searching for an example configuration file for nginx for the
follow set-up:

- firewall with prerouting port 80 and 443 to server-x running nginx

- server-a running apache on port 80 ( (
- server-b running apache on port 80 ( (
- server-c running apache on port 80 ( (
- ...
- all ip-based request should be return a not available error

How can I make a name-based redirection to the different servers? And
should I handle https on nginx or should apache handle it?

I am running Debian 6.0.1. with nginx 0.7.67

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Jelle de Jong

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