Multiple SSL enabled hosts causes nginx to reload slowly

runesoerensen nginx-forum at
Thu May 19 04:40:15 MSD 2011


I've set up a ssl_certificate and ssl_certificate_key directives on the
http level of my nginx configuration. The problem I'm facing is that
starting/reloading nginx is getting slower and slower as more hosts
(server directives) are added. The server has roughly 1000 SSL-enabled
hosts that inherits the ssl certificate directives.

I know nginx verifies the certificate when loading it, so I'm wondering
if nginx checks the certificate each time an SSL enabled host inherits
the shared certificate? If so, shouldn't it only check the certificate
once? According to it should
cause all hosts to inherit a single memory footprint, but this doesn't
seem to be the case.

If this is a bug in nginx it may be an idea to completely disable
certificate verification if possible?

Any advice is highly appreciated.


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