Randomly stopping large file downloads?

nickn nginx-forum at nginx.us
Fri May 20 00:34:34 MSD 2011

1.) What would cause nginx to randomly stop serving large file
downloads? When I try to download a 800MB file it stops serving the file
after between 10 and 30 MB. I've had to revert to lighttpd because of

I checked the usual things: There wasn't anything in the error log, the
system had plenty of memory (several hundred MB free) and the worker
processes were all still there after the download dies. It doesn't
matter what browser I use.

Any idea what would cause this?

2.) BTW there's a bug in the forum.nginx.org forum where when you first
get an account it prepopulates the login form with your email address
rather than your user name. If you try to log in like that it won't let
you in. You have to clear out what it prepopulated and enter your
username. This is confusing.

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