SSI include infinite loop

eagle sbc sbc19861004 at
Tue May 24 06:49:45 MSD 2011


I've encountered a problem about "SSI include infinite loop".

We have a system that our editors can compose a html page from some
templates using SSI. Sometimes unwarily combination will cause infinite
loop, such as 'A include A', 'A include B, B include A', or even 'A include
B, B include C, C include A'. And this page will cause nginx eating up all
memories, and certainly won't serve any more unless we restart nginx.

I'm wondering is there any solution for this problem? Or other ways to avoid

I've googled apache and lighttpd, and there also no official solution for
this, unless lightptd has a patch which will limit the whole 'include'
count, and I think it's just a tricky way to fix the infinite loop.

Thanks a lot for any help!

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