cache gzipped content with proxy_pass

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You can cache the image filter using either lua or through a proxy pass to

But yes I agree with your points.

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> I've been following this discussion and I'm anxiously waiting for some
> resolution.  I think Maxim's approach is right: implementing a
> gzip_cache filter that could be used for caching any content.  This
> would allow for much more flexibility than just using it for
> proxy_pass/proxy_cache.
> This could effectively eliminate the gzip_static filter.  If you have
> plain HTML served and "gzip on;" plus something like "gzip_cache on;"
> all of your plain text content would be served using the cached gzip
> content.  Similarly, you would be able to use this for proxy_pass,
> proxy_store, fastcgi_pass, etc.  It wouldn't matter since the caching of
> the gzip'd content would be stored in the gzip_cache filter and
> negotiated directly with the client.
> There's a lot of chatter about using Varnish or Lighty or <insert
> another web/cache server here> to give Nginx pre-gzipped data in a proxy
> response.  This sounds absolutely horrible.  The bottom line is that if
> Nginx is the webserver that is dealing with the client directly, it
> should then be Nginx's responsibility to serve the appropriate version
> (gzip'd or plain text) content based on the client's request headers.
> That being said, Nginx should be managing it's own cache of filtered
> items.
> The same goes for the image_filter.  Currently, I use the image_filter
> for a project and I'm bummed out that Nginx is scaling the same image
> over and over each time it is requested.  An image_filter_cache would be
> another great feature.
> Am I on the right track?
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