Newbie questions about nginx (moving from apache)

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Sat May 28 17:29:57 MSD 2011

On 28 May 2011 05:54, pk899 <nginx-forum at> wrote:

> Some problems with your recommendation, Igor.
> 1. There is no directive like "gzip_static".

> 2. The proxy_pass that you recommend above -- this does a full 301
> redirect to Apache!

> This is really not the solution I am after.
> So, back to my first question, how do I pass the baton from Apache
> (which really needs to be my first front server because of all the
> features) only for the static files to nginx?

Then you set up mod_proxy on Apache instead. But with all due respect I
think you're after the wrong solution. You're unlikely to gain any
performance like that, because you're still making Apache do all the work of
talking to clients and holding keepalives. This is where nginx beats the
pants of Apache.

Put nginx in front. Test it by starting it on port 81 as suggested
previously. When you're happy, switch the ports (nginx on 80, proxying to
Apache on

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