Newbie questions about nginx (moving from apache)

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Sat May 28 17:31:18 MSD 2011

Thanks. The RBL checking in Apache (via mod security) can happen in very
specific manner. I could specify that they check only specific arguments
(the very precise "input" field in the html) in a very specific page

Similarly, sure, the application needs to be smartly coded to prevent
against injections. But mod_security enables blocking this at a much
earlier phase in the web transaction. And it's easy to control this a
bit better at the hosting level. 

Clearly, I am looking at nginx not only as a "speed option", but as a
replacement for Apache. Several blogs online say that they have moved to
nginx. I am trying to see how. Apache is sadly bloated but thanks to
mod_security etc it's a very, very practical modern solution. 

Anyway, my setup above is not working either. Even just to use nginx as
merely a static server.

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