Newbie questions about nginx (moving from apache)

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Sun May 29 09:11:09 MSD 2011

thanks igor and maxim. the proxy stuff is not working for me but i am so
liking the nginx server that i will follow your advice to not care about
mod security so much and just do application level checking in php. 

my question: is there a simple guide to get php working on nginx when it
is already installed and running with apache as mod_php on the server?
while testing nginx i dont want to break already working functionality.

there are online guides for "fastcgi" but they are all different and
sometimes old syntax so they are confusing. is there a recommended
official config file that will cover the best practice for a production
server, including: 

1. static files be served with "expires" or etags etc
2. php with all the modules installed on my server (memcache, etc) 
3. secure php 

i want to now just try nginx running on server:81 port and see if it can
do *everything* that apache does, if i move some of the functionality to
my php application (such as checking RBLs etc).

thanks so much.

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