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Mon May 30 01:03:19 MSD 2011

On Sat, 28 May 2011 01:19:34 +0300
Eugaia <ngx.eugaia at> wrote:
> I agree that linking to the original docs would also be useful.

That's a good idea. I put a link to
on the

I've also been looking at the organization of the main docs on It appears that there are a total of seven documents that comprise the "Official Documentation", they being:

-How nginx processes a request
-Server names
-Configuring HTTPS servers
-(How to) debugging log
-(How to) converting rewrite rules
-nginx/windows usage
-(FAQ) sys_errlist message

However, it is difficult to see all these articles from a single web page. I don't know who manages the site, and noone has asked my opinion, but I believe it would be more intuitive to find nginx documentation if were a table of contents, laid out like this:

    introduction to nginx
        How nginx processes a request
        Server names
    How to
        Configuring HTTPS servers
        (Create a) debugging log
        converting rewrite rules
    security advisories
    nginx/windows usage

This way one could see all the options from a single, hierarchal glance. 

Since "security advisories", "howto", and "introduction" are all contained within this documentation, their links could be removed from the main page like this:


which would make the main page cleaner. 

Now that's a good start to making things easy to find. But I notice that if you look closely, there are additional documents floating around. For example, go to (The Russian "about" page), and the text under "Basic HTTP Features" (Основная функциональность HTTP-сервера) contains not just plain text, but links to more documentation located at Upon reading some of these docs, it looks like they comprised the beginning of the (possibly original?) wiki. And since they've been put into the wiki and not into the official docs page, I wonder if perhaps the plan has been for the wiki to replace the master docs? What is the overall plan here for documentation? Which is meant to be the master docs, the wiki or 

I want to help the cause by getting all the documentation under one roof, easily accessible, and well-organized. Help me to understand how I can do this. 

Jack Desert

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