So is "rewrite_by_lua" also evil?

Nginx User nginx at
Fri Oct 14 00:16:15 UTC 2011


Unfortunately, I am still seeing the "0 0" outputs in my logs on (only
some) requests. I had noticed that some pages just seemed to have the
"loading" wheel spin for ever and on looking, I found the instances.

It is not affecting standard php requests anymore from what I can see
but it seems some Ajax type requests where php is being used for
dynamic js (! need to look closer into how I set those up) and with
phpMyAdmin which is aliased somewhere.

Probably has to do with named locations as you mentioned earlier but I
prefer to use these so I have rolled back to my back to my 1.0.6
install so as to get back my ngx_rewrite based setup which works fine
with this.

Will sort out upgrading and further tests later.

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