Is there a method to allow a particular user agent access to a server rule that uses the access and auth basic module?

Zev Blut zblut at
Fri Sep 2 07:27:08 UTC 2011


I have a configuration in a server rule that typically only allows 
access by either an auth basic request or by certain ip addresses.

Something along the lines of this:

     server {
         listen       80;

         charset off;
         server_name authsite;

         satisfy any;

         auth_basic "Auth Message";
         auth_basic_user_file xyz.passwd;

         # Allow Internal Network
         deny all;

         # many includes and location directives below

We have a use case were we need to allow an external agent to have
access to this site.
I'd rather not play whack-a-mole and keep adding ip addresses for this
At the same time I cannot give the agent an login and password, because
we can't control the URLs.

So I was wondering if there is a way to also allow access to this site 
based on the user agent?

I tried using an if directive but that is not working.

Thanks for any ideas


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