Storing URI in a cookie

Calin Don calin.don at
Sat Sep 3 09:04:50 UTC 2011

A better way to redirect users is to store the uri in the redirection url.
Storing it in a cookie causes problems if user opens two different tabs with
two different uris for example.
On Sep 2, 2011 11:42 PM, "Rami Essaid" <rami.essaid at> wrote:
> I dont know why I am struggling with this so much but I need a bit of
> I am trying to redirect users to a verification page and then back to
> original requested URI but because of the rewrite I lose both the $uri and
> $request_uri variables. I figure the easiest way to solve this problem is
> to store the original URI in a cookie and read it from that after the
> verification page. I cant seem to store the cookie correctly and read it
> back. Can anyone provide some direction? Also, is there any risk that by
> doing this I disrupt other cookies being stored by my application?
> Thanks!
> Rami
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