SSL location keep redirecting to non-SSL

Ian Evans ianevans at
Sat Sep 3 10:24:59 UTC 2011

On 03/09/2011 6:14 AM, Stefan Caunter wrote:
> This looks odd to me, I've never seen a rewrite in an ssl config. It
> will complicate things.
> Leave the index to the server config, and take out the location / rewrite.
> Simplify.

The only reason I had the rewrite in there (and I think it was 
recommended to me years ago) was to prevent people or bots from calling 
the non-ssl directories of the site with https and creating duplicates 
in Google, etc. e.g. calling and when my homepage doesn't need https.

I only needs https calls on my phpMyAdmin, webmail, facebookapp and site 
admin subdirectories. I just wrote another email in the thread asking if 
I should only do a rewrite if it's NOT those directories.

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