nginx uid decoding using Base64.decode64

dhaval d. lists at
Fri Sep 9 17:35:20 UTC 2011

    I was facing a problem while decoding a nginx generated uid using

The uid which I get from nginx cookie is "CqCx7E5qMNUxrmAUAwMJAg==" and
when I try to decode this using
 Base64.decode64("CqCx7E5qMNUxrmAUAwMJAg==") ,  it gives me
 "\n\xA0\xB1\xECNj0\xD51\xAE`\x14\x03\x03\t\x02" instead of
"ECB1A00AD5306A4E1460AE3102090303" which I see in my access
logs($uid_got value).

can any one give some suggestions on this issue?

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